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by Endurance Samuel
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Nothing flares me up like fraud, nothing discourages me like seeing my efforts go down the drain in futility. This is the plight of a million voters in Nigeria. It once marred our electoral system until the recent twist in our fates.

In terms of electoral fraud, violence & disenfranchisement as a result of a porous electoral system, I gained in colossal squid its horrible hit, a hit that opened my eyes to some of the loopholes embedded in our political landscape.

Without a spark of contemplation, I postulated thus, ” The shabby & unhealthy political process is the  bane of warped, counterfactual and tyrannical representation.” This is evident in Nigeria since the beginning of the current political dispensation in 1999. During this epoch, fraud didn’t rain, it pours!

Erstwhile, people knew the accurate score of electoral contests before the election day. Repeatedly, electorates are told not to bother themselves about coming home over an election that has been won and lost. You dare doubt this, you can only do that at your own peril. They have errand boys who latch home their resolve by disrupting a peaceful contest.

Following the amendment of the electoral system, which seems like a dream come true to Nigerians. Political pundits are now heavily faced with the task of telling forehand the outcome of next year’s outings at the polls, a task that is before now performed even by the dullest person in this category without much Ado.

Nigerians now breathe a sigh of relief after 23 years of warped, weak and depraved democratic practice in the country. The coast is now clear as the youths, the majority of whom constitute the voting strength of the nation, bid to take their destiny into their own hands in February next year.

As it stands, I’m unable to predict who’ll emerge victorious, but it’s now certain there’s going to be roughly 90% credibility in the contest, considering what played out in Ekiti and Osun State respectively.

This will, at the end of the day cough out leaders that will be accountable to the people they’re representing. It’s the beauty of democracy we crave. May Nigerians succeed.

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