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I’m Not Dressing For Igala Community: Nollywood Actress Ajanigo Simon Fires Back At Indecent Dressing Claims

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A Kogi Born Nollywood Star, Ajanigo Simon today take Kogi Media space by storm when she expressed her grievances on the Igala Kingdom over claim by some elements in the society who dragged her for wearing bump shots.

In a viral video that prompt many reactions amongst Igala social media users, Ajanigo Simon blast Igala kingdom for attempting to stain her good earned reputation.

Responding to the ill-fated video is a renowned writer, “Abdullahi Haruna who was quoted as saying, For the impulsiveness of a few, you have stained a whole tribe with unsavoury adjectives. I am Igala, I don’t even know you, yet I just got drenched by your venom. Non-igalas would now look at us as a people described by one of theirs as primitive, hate-filled and backward. Really unfair to pass such a stereotypic blanket on a whole tribe.

Next time, try to call out those who frown at your bump shot instead of lumping us in your denigration. Meanwhile, I want to watch you , which movie can I find you pls?”

Responding to the video is also the chief press secretary to the Kogi State deputy Governor Mr Promise Emmanuel who said, Ajanigo,

To be honest, I don’t care if you decide to wear only bra, it is something jobless people pay attention to. I also recognize the place of some overbearing Igalas who like to use their own values as taperule for others to live their lives.

That said, your generalization is not just repugnant, it casts the entire Igala race in a syndrome of backwardness because one local ejoit assaulted you only. To refer to Igala people as people with “sick mentality” is to cast the same aspersion on yourself because however you try to run away from the ethnic group, you’re an Igala woman.

It is also high time that the place we hold in humanity should bear the torchlight of responsibility. I can understand media hate and cyber bullying but it doesn’t excuse your reaction on this particular issue. You were inconsiderate, brash and emotional without maturity in expressing how you felt. You used a bullet meant for one person to ki.ll an entire village.

I shall advise you to do two things:

1. Make another video to apologize for your inconsiderate generalization. I am an Igala man, I honestly don’t know you and don’t care if you like to walk only in bra. I don’t have a sick mentality.

2. This outburst have brought you publicity which is somewhat not friendly, you can decide to use the energy to focus on making great movies so we can see the talent in you because most of you who call yourselves Igala Actresses or Actors, or those who are of Igala extraction with the appendage of “nollywood” actors, I cannot find a single high grossing Igala or Nollywood movie to your names. If you will enjoy the Igala support, you need not denigrate her at any slight opportunity.

I defended you somewhere for the overbearing nature of some Igala social police but I will also criticize you here for where you went out of line.

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