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Learn To Separate Personal Issues From Politics, Odu Akowe Reacts To Alleged Destruction Of Billboards

by Endurance Samuel
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Paul Odu Akowe, one of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, leaders in Ofu local government areas of Kogi State has today come out to debunk alleged involvement in the destruction of billboards of the house of representative member in Idah federal constituency.

According to the People’s Democratic Party, PDP’s leader, the campaign to smear his good name didn’t start from today, it started more than two decades ago when he made his way into Kogi politics. Stories like this can only make me stronger and I’m not ready to fall victim to their campaign of calumny. Odu continues.

I want to state explicitly that I have no connection whatsoever with the incident that led to the destruction of bill-boards in my constituency. Tagging me alongside the candidate of the All progressive Congress, Hon Zachariah, to be responsible for such a negative outing is, to me absorb and should be disregarded by every lover of democracy.

“People from our horde must learn to separate personal issues from politics. I’m saying this because I know how lethal it can be to be peaceful coexistence we’ve enjoyed over the years.”

If I sometimes disagree with your ‘modus operandi’, it doesn’t mean I’m your sworn enemy. At the moment, I’m focused on coughing out my best for the emergence of his Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and other aspirants within my reach who understand my importance. Odu Akowe added.

I’m part and parcel of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Kogi State, particularly in my local government. Trying one way or the other to jettison my good records will be dead on arrival as I’m focused on building a strong bond between myself and my supporters back home. He concluded.

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