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Understanding Chief Edward David Onoja: The Pragmatist By Kingsley Fanwo

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With Edward Onoja, it is One Day, One Lesson.

Again today, I saw another angle of one of the most misunderstood man in Kogi State today.

I now know how indispensable his wealth of experience is. He is so deep in knowledge and native wisdom that he cannot be easily ignored.

Everyone was spellbound when he was reeling out what he knows about Mopamuro. The demographics, the intrigues, the power players, the figures and the people. It was as if he was talking about Olamaboro.

One of my biggest lessons of the day is for modern day leaders to seek knowledge and information; to be grounded and to be on top of their game. To be humane. To be objective and never to fear the unknown.

As the Master Strategist of the New Direction Government, Chief Edward Onoja has displayed uncommon capacity to gravitate the systems towards purposeful impact. He is a mighty tree under which many have enjoyed shade of relief.

I do not blame people when they misunderstand Edward Onoja. I once did. Until I discovered the kind of person he is. He is a detribalized goal-getter who tries hard to avoid failure.

On a sunny afternoon at the Kogi State Specialist Hospital, a man from Kabba town ran up to me, seeking for help. The man was both sad and helpless. He just lost his wife and had no dime for even the Ambulance Service. He narrated his ordeal to me.

Unknown to me, CEDO was listening to my conversation with the man. He asked me what the man wanted and I told him. He said I should take the man’s number. CEDO was immediately ready to help a man he had never seen!

When we got to Government House, he gave me 250,000 Naira to give the man. I called the man immediately and handed him the money. The man couldn’t talk again. He was speechless; rendered dumb by the kindness of a man who never met him before that day. He didn’t want to know where the man came from. To him, the man is a Kogite and every Kogite deserves assistance and attention.

To me, it was a big lesson. One of the biggest ideal of the leader of the State, His Excellency Alh. Yahaya Bello is unity. He wants all Kogites to be united. And his Siamese twin brother is walking the talk.

People of uncommon intelligence and drive are often misunderstood. Their reasoning are initially beyond the comprehension of the ordinary brains. But later, the world meets their reasoning and they are seen as Oracle.

CEDO is indeed a White Oracle. While we were preparing for the Governorship Primaries in 2015, he told me at Newton Park Hotels that Alh. Yahaya Bello would become Governor. He said he didn’t know how. He was so sure and I was confused at how a mortal could sound so confident about an election that juggernauts were contesting. Right inside the Stadium on the day of the primaries, he told myself and Nda Aaron that the day was for our victory. It turned to be so, miraculously!

His drive, belief and confidence were instrumental to a large extent. The AYB team then was made up of battle-ready political soldiers who could only see success. It was an infectious mentality, a roll over of the CEDO Spirit of positivity and pragmatism.

I have said it many times that positions don’t create leaders. Leadership is about being accepted, being dependable and being trusted. Leaders are natural constructions. People feel happy and fulfilled to follow a natural leader. CEDO is a great leader.

He made mountains look plain with his “can do” spirit. He fights for his followers. He speaks the truth to authorities. He is fearless. He sacrifices. He defends. He loves. He is uncompromisingly enigmatic. He is an example of what leadership should look like.

I am not a sycophant but I am not one that fails to honor whom honor is due. CEDO deserves great accolades.

I look at his commitment to the Governor and I see why he is what he is today. He is 100% loyal to his boss, our boss. When the Governor says it is A, CEDO starts thinking how it will continue to remain A. He carries the passion of his leader. He is someone his generation has a lot to learn from.

Thanks for being you, CEDO. May God continue to uphold you sir.

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