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Exposed: The Face Of A UK-based Nigerian Serial Scammer , Ibraheen Dauda Also Known As Zamani 

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A Uk-based Nigerian mr Ibraheem Dauda also known as Zamani with the phone number +447733 789314 is a serial scammer who thrives in scamming his fellow Nigerians and other immigrants in the united kingdom on the premises of offering them a job.

It was gathered that Mr Ibreem Dauda who is popularly known as Zamani is a Nigerian based in the United Kingdom and he’s a known scammer. Our source also gathered that He dropped out of school in the Uk but he however, managed to get a job sponsorship which enabled him to remain in the Uk legally.

One of our correspondents who spoke to us in anonymity asserts that he paid mr Ibraheem Dauda popularly known as Zamani the sum of six thousand pounds for a promised job but he has been unresponsive.

He believes that Mr Ibraheem Dauda engaged in fraudulent behaviour by taking his money with no intention of delivering the job he promised.

Another of our correspondents who also pleaded anonymity narrated how the same serial scammer Mr Ibraheem Dauda ( Zamani ) scammed him of his hard-earned money and the said scanner threatened him of taking his life upon asking for his money to be refunded. He added that he’s been dealing with depression as a result and he’s already on the verge of ending it all because the scammer keeps threatening his life for asking for his money.

Some of the victims provided us with detailed evidence of how the transaction transpired including transactions receipt, chats and voice notes issuing threats to life.

It is on this note we are appealing to all Nigerians in the diaspora especially those in the United Kingdom to salvage this situation as it has become a case of reoccurrence decimals as many Nigerians and other immigrants keep falling for his prey which had pos trauma and frustration on a lot of them to the point of depression. We are also appealing to the Nigerian government and all the security agencies to sweep into action to tame this situation as it is adding to our already damaged reputation.

This issue of paying for a job and being scammed is one great plague that has befallen a lot of Nigerians in the Uk. We were able to discover the place he works and the organization he works with and we are appealing to the Uk government and all regulatory agencies to harken to the cry of our citizens who are being scammed by Mr Ibraheem Dauda.

We believe that the United Kingdom is a sane country that frowns greatly at anything that has to do with fraud. We are gathering more evidence and facts and also digging deep into mr Ibraheem Dauda ( Zamani )and we shall uncover many of his atrocities with undeniable receipts to both the Uk and the Nigerian Government in the coming days.

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